Patients who rely on us now share their stories
  1. (We) were out for dinner on a Friday evening. While eating, a veneer fell off one of my teeth. It didn't hurt, but it looked awful!! What was worse, is that we were scheduled to leave for vacation that Monday. I called Dr. Albrecht's office phone that evening. He called me back Saturday morning and squeezed me in early Monday morning. We caught our flight and I enjoyed vacation with a very presentable smile!! I find Dr. Albrecht to be an excellent dentist - he initially gives me my options and thoroughly explains them. His staff is very friendly and accommodating. I definitely recommended his services. -
    Susie B.
  2. Words cannot express my gratitude to Dr Albrecht. The cosmetic work I had done on my front teeth gave me a beautiful smile, closed the gap between my front teeth, and corrected my open bite, allowing me to finally be able to bite a sandwich! Dr. Albrecht and his staff are the best… they are extremely personable, caring and knowledgeable. Dr. Albrecht’s skillful dentistry gave me beautiful, totally natural looking teeth and boosted my self-confidence immensely! I love my teeth and truly have something to smile about now!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    Bonnie Z
  3. After 42 years with the same employer and seven moves to another city, we have been treated by many dentists. Dr. Albrecht is the best of all of them, and without a doubt, has the most gentle touch. His staff is very professional and caring. I highly recommend Dr. Albrecht.
    Dean B